UPDATE: Adrenalin Forest is now operating without restrictions under the Covid-19 Protection Framework (Traffic Light System). No vaccine passes required, masks not required outside... Yay!

Exploring New Heights at Adrenalin Forest

A guest blog by Inspired By Lizzie - Original article written May 22 2016

"I’ve had my eyes on Adrenalin Forest since before I arrived in New Zealand, so imagine my excitement when my surprise Sunday outing was to this exact place!

New Zealand Adventure with Inspired by Lizzie

At first glance, the place is pretty intimidating, in a wonderfully exciting way, of course! The instructors could make you feel either more intimidated or completely secure. The reason for this being they explain the rules and ways not to die once and then send you on your way. With that, you can choose to think “holy, I’m going to die out here” or “okay, let’s do this.” I chose to think the second way.

NZ Adventure - Things to do in New Zealand

We had three hours to complete as many of the seven courses. We chose to take our chances on the even numbers, so we made it through courses 2,4, and half of 6. Course 2 was fun, but we wanted more of a challenge, so we skipped 3 and went on to 4. The obstacles on this course seemed to be designed more for the agile (me) versus those with pure brute strength (him) so it was quite entertaining watching him attempt some of the obstacles.

Adventure in New Zealand with Lizzie

Must do things in New Zealand - Inspired by Lizzie

The only downside to a surprise… and a guy planning it… is that I wasn’t fully prepared in my dress attire. About two hours into the courses the wind started picking up, the sky started to haze over and immediately I knew what we were in for. We were making our attempt at our third course, level 6, when cold hard rain came pounding down. I felt like Lizzie McGuire in Cadet Kelly struggling through boot camp. We must have stood 18m up, clinging to a tree opposite one another for 15 minutes going back and forth trying to decide whether to go on ahead or just head back down. After taking a look around we noticed the next obstacle, which immediately made the decision for us. The obstacle was a path of twisted boards that started from a lower tree and wound up to a taller one. With the rain making gripping anything near impossible, in my mind, there may as well have been a river of lava beneath this “bridge” waiting to take me. HELL NO. Back down we went.


I was so determined to get down I think I could have competed with the best times on America Ninja Warrior. My insides were shivering and even now, 24 hours later, I”m still shivering and I’m having to force my fingers to curl. Such a great experience, even with the excruciating rain, and I’m determined to go back and finish all seven courses!"

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