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Adrenalin Forest Group Bookings



Adrenalin Forest can cater up to 100 people at the same time depending on the location. For groups, many options are available, flag races, night openings, combos, etc.

How well will we work as a team?

Bring your work mates along and challenge your skills as a team in an unfamiliar environment. Use our Pathways to figure out each other’s strengths, weaknesses and see how well you adapt to work with them to complete the challenge as a team.



Minimum 25 people, needs to be out of public opening hours or on a quiet day (weekdays in winter, or early in the morning, etc)

At the end of each course are a series of coloured flags. The aim is to collect as many flags for your team as you can by completing each pathway. The harder the course is, the more points each flag is worth. You will have a limited amount of time so you will need to decide strategically who does which pathway, and in what order etc. You can do each path as many times as you want (beware of the flags left).


Tactical key points:
It could be more efficient to do an easy course several times than to be slow or rescued on and harder one (but the harder course are worth more points). Don’t overestimate your capabilities. Be aware of how busy the other courses are or how slow the people in front of you might be. If you are several from the same team, don’t waste your time, get ready to go before the participant in front of you is off the challenge, keep moving.

Points are scored when a flag is collected and safely returned to base, by the participant. Any clients breaking the safety rules will be disqualified. The pulley is to be used only on Flying foxes only, participants using the pulley on other challenges are disqualified. Points do not count when: a pathway is completed unsafely, the participant is rescued at any stage or the flags are not handed in straight after completing that course. The flags are counted and validated when hand given to the judge after each course.

The team with the most points at the end of the allowed time wins.

The Natural Way:

Experiencing Adrenalin Forest the Natural way also provides a create team building experience.
The way the course works normally is each participant works their way up as far as they can go. The courses get a little higher and little harder as they rise and there are at least 7 courses. The courses rise from 3m (course 1) up to 25m (highest course) and are designed to help you build confidence and progress as you climb. This works really well as everybody in your team builds personal confidence as they go and pushes themselves as far as they can. This gives everybody a great sense of achievement no matter how far they get.
As our courses overlap, this way has a very natural team support/building affect. Those that are on higher courses give advice and support to those on lower activities, those that are having a scary moment (can be on any course) get support from the team to push on, and of course a lot of entertaining banter happens throughout.

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Night opening - How brave are you?

How will you go when the sun goes down?

Book in with 15 adults or more and we can open up the course for you at night. How brave will you be as you work your way through the course only via headlamp. You will be flying through the forest in the dark armed with headlamps to light the way. This is a true test of the nerves and adds a whole new dimension to the Adrenalin Forest Experience.

Only available at Adrenalin Forest Bay or Plenty, Wellington and Christchurch (we can't run night climbs in Auckland).


Catering options

After all the calories you have been burning on the course all you want is a nice spot to sit down and have a bite to eat and reflect on what you have achieved. We have some great spots in the park with hand crafted picnic tables nestled under the backdrop of the trees and courses above. You can bring your own food or we can organize it for you with our catering partners.


School Packages

All parks can provide NCEA assesments 1.7, 2.7 etc.