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About Adrenalin Forest

About Adrenalin Forest

Adrenalin Forest was started in New Zealand back in 2006 by Jean Caillabet, a French citizen, with his first park in Christchurch. After a lot of hard work, fine tuning and development Jean opened his second park in Wellington in 2010 and then in Bay of Plenty in 2011.

Adrenalin Forest quickly became a very popular activity amongst many different user groups who loved the challenge, adrenalin and the independence they had in shaping their aerial adventure. Our clients really enjoy the fact that we train them on what they need to do and how to do it safely. They then go off and have the independence to climb through the trees.

The courses at Adrenalin Forest are designed to challenge you mentally and physically. We endeavour to create a safe environment where all ages and fitness levels will be able to find their own limits. The great affordability for 3 hours of such an exciting activity allows all to enjoy what Adrenalin Forest has to offer.

Adventure Parks History

Created in France in 1995 by a retired army officer.

The concept is inspired by his extensive use of army training courses.

He adapted the courses to provide a fun and challenging experience.

The concept was immediately popular. In the following 5 to 6 years around twenty parks were created mainly in the South-East of France and around tourist centers.

Now there is an estimation of about 6000 parks over the world and probably 600 in France only.

Over the years many new challenges were invented to create an experience more exciting or challenging. It is all about the fear of height, agility, balance, strength, etc.

The courses at Adrenalin Forest are designed to challenge you mentally and physically.

We endeavor to create a safe environment where all age and fitness would find their own limits.


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