Adrenalin Forest Frequently Asked Questions

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Adrenalin Forest is a one of a kind physical, mental and emotional challenge for individuals and groups regardless of age, gender and skill. The course is ‘’challenge by choice’’ you can go as far as you want, just remember that the further you go, the higher and harder it gets. We have several independent Pathways starting from just a meter off the ground working through to 31 meters (Wellington) in the trees. Each pathway provides a progression of physical and mental activities as you challenge yourself on each pathway as they rise to the skies above. These activities range from various types of bridges, wires, swings and of course the most fun of all the flying foxes.

You can do as many pathways as you can within 3 hours; the maximum allowed time. Remember you can only do each pathway once

Height restrictions apply.

The minmum size is strictly 1.30 meters tall. Children between 1.30 and 1.45 metres tall are restricted on level 1 and 2. Over 1.45m, you can go as far as you want.

You should wear comfortable clothes, closed shoes (trainers). Long hair must be tied up.

Bring food and drinks, we have only fresh water available in the parks. Picnics are welcome, you can bring your lunch and your drinks. Many picnic tables are spread out in the park.

In Christchurch, there is a small dairy across the road (Spencer Park campsite). In Welligton/Porirua a coffee is 5 mn walk away and town is 2 minutes drive. In Bay of Plenty, nothing within 20 minutes drive, we advice you to bring some food and drinks.

The way the course is designed you have a time limit of 3 hours to go as far as you can. This is plenty of time to get through the all of the pathways if you are focused.

The great thing about the course is that you only need to be of average fitness, remember it is open to you to challenge yourself as to how far you will go, whether you complete 1 pathway, 4 pathways or the whole lot. The others will still be there for you to come back for.

This question totally depends on what you have come to the course to achieve, if you are nervous about heights and a pushing your comfort zone then mentally it can be a tough journey. If you are fine with heights but physically not super fit then it will be challenging physically. And for those that are fit and not concerned with the heights then you will still get a good work out from it.

All parks are within 20 minutes drive from Tauranga or Rotorua, Wellington or Christchurch.

Online bookings are available on our website. Call or email, pay on the day, no credit card over the phone. For groups a confirmation email is necessary.

Our conditions of entry can be found on this document.