UPDATE: Adrenalin Forest is now operating without restrictions under the Covid-19 Protection Framework (Traffic Light System). No vaccine passes required, masks not required outside... Yay!

Next Generation Safety at Adrenalin Forest

May 10 2016

We take safety at our adventure parks VERY seriously.  That's why we are upgrading to the next generation of Clic-IT belay system.  The new Clic-IT has a truck load of new features, but there are three features that we are particularly excited about.

Clic-IT for Adventure Park Safety

Improved Safety

The first is that the new Clic-IT is not centred - one arm of the belay is longer than the other.  This means that the belay is less likely to be caught on clothing or body parts.  So much less "HELP, I'm stuck!"

Clic-IT safety upgrade

Easier to Use

The new Clic-IT includes a new SUPER STRONG swivel just below the belay arms, before it joins to the abseiling harness.  This ensures that the belay is never twisted, and so less likely to get in the way.  

New Clic-IT usability features

Even Stronger and Harder Wearing

The internal mechanisms of the Clic-IT have also been upgraded.  Most of these upgrades have been around reducing friction and wear on the internal workings.  The new 'uneven belay length arms' design also means that kinking is now very unlikely.  

The new Clic-IT is even stronger

So why not come and see for yourself what the new Clic-IT is like?  WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU (or see you again)! 


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